3035 All Stars 3

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The Third Annual Murtz All Star competition pits the best Reality TV stars in a no-holds barred duel for the coveted MMVP trophy! New top stars, and tougher and more exciting challenges than ever!

See interview with Jillian Zoboroski on YouTube.

Season III
M-3027 Paranor-Murtz
M-3028 Rehab my Reality
M-3029 Quiz-Murtz
M-3030 Bonded by Reality
M-3031 Can I have this Dance?
M-3032 In-Style
M-3033 Wedded to Reality
M-3034 The Good Side of Bad
M-3035 All Stars 3
M-3036 Date a Masterdater
M-3037 Murtz's got Talent
M-3038 In Harm's Way
M-3039 Murtz'd!

Season II

Season I
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