3027 Paranor-Murtz

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There are a slew of paranormal investigation series promising to detect, find, and explain supernatural occurrences. Celebrity Paranormal, Celebrity Ghost stories, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, The Haunted.  Is there any truth to them or are ghosts just another medium (no pun) to feed the Reality TV machine. Infra-red cameras and special microphones don’t lie! On a ghost hunting expedition with show experts and Reality friends, the genre’s greatest fan finds the guts to spend a night in a haunted landmark or house to get to the bottom of this creepy mystery!

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Season III
M-3027 Paranor-Murtz
M-3028 Rehab my Reality
M-3029 Quiz-Murtz
M-3030 Bonded by Reality
M-3031 Can I have this Dance?
M-3032 In-Style
M-3033 Wedded to Reality
M-3034 The Good Side of Bad
M-3035 All Stars 3
M-3036 Date a Masterdater
M-3037 Murtz's got Talent
M-3038 In Harm's Way
M-3039 Murtz'd!

Season II

Season I
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