2022 Shape Shifting

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What makes a reality star a hero? Is it the ones who go on challenge shows like Survivor and Fear Factor? Or are they the ones that face their fears in public? Wouldn’t facing your biggest fears in front of millions of people make overcoming an emotional or physical dread even more frightening? And who does the public root for? Are the true heroes the reality stars who are battling with production created scenarios, like the Amazing Race, or the people who are battling their own inner, or often outer, demons from their daily lives like The Biggest Loser or Celebrity Fit Club?


Season III

Season II
M-2014 Murtz's Soul Mate
M-2015 Role Model
M-2016 Back Stabbing
M-2017 The Pet Whisperer
M-2018 Murtz’s BFF
M-2019 Society Under Pressure
M-2020 Murtz’s Great Treasure Hunt
M-2021 Spinning
M-2022 Shape Shifting
M-2023 All Stars II
M-2024 Making Monsters
M-2025 The Blonde Ambition
M-2026 Murtz’s Banana Meter

Season I
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