2020 Murtz's Great Treasure Hunt

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The Amazing Race: It’s one of his fave shows and the greatest race on TV! The inside scoop on this show is thrilling. But how much does a pre-existing relationship affect the chances of racers. Murtz finds himself THE PERFECT partner and a few other superstar teams and in a one day contest across LA puts his theory to the test!


Season III

Season II
M-2014 Murtz's Soul Mate
M-2015 Role Model
M-2016 Back Stabbing
M-2017 The Pet Whisperer
M-2018 Murtz’s BFF
M-2019 Society Under Pressure
M-2020 Murtz’s Great Treasure Hunt
M-2021 Spinning
M-2022 Shape Shifting
M-2023 All Stars II
M-2024 Making Monsters
M-2025 The Blonde Ambition
M-2026 Murtz’s Banana Meter

Season I
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