2016 Back Stabbing

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Some of the greatest moments of reality TV are the betrayals. The breaking of alliances. The selling out of the partner. Murtz loves this stuff. Could the reality TV expert track down the participants of the most iconic and famous betrayals in history of reality TV and get them to talk to each other. Could they burry the hatchet? After seeing his heroes do it – could Murtz find a way to make up with someone he believed hurt him?

Season III

Season II
M-2014 Murtz's Soul Mate
M-2015 Role Model
M-2016 Back Stabbing
M-2017 The Pet Whisperer
M-2018 Murtz’s BFF
M-2019 Society Under Pressure
M-2020 Murtz’s Great Treasure Hunt
M-2021 Spinning
M-2022 Shape Shifting
M-2023 All Stars II
M-2024 Making Monsters
M-2025 The Blonde Ambition
M-2026 Murtz’s Banana Meter

Season I
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