2014 Murtz’s Soul Mate

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Can you truly find a perfect match on a TV show? Why do bachelors pick one girl and then end up with another? One of the hottest discussions in reality TV is the level of romantic success on shows like the Bachelor. Can you really find your soul mate on reality TV? Murtz puts himself through the test, and, with the help of a Casting Director from the top love finding shows, embarks on his very own mini-Bachelor experiment to find his own match.

Season III

Season II
M-2014 Murtz's Soul Mate
M-2015 Role Model
M-2016 Back Stabbing
M-2017 The Pet Whisperer
M-2018 Murtz’s BFF
M-2019 Society Under Pressure
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M-2021 Spinning
M-2022 Shape Shifting
M-2023 All Stars II
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M-2025 The Blonde Ambition
M-2026 Murtz’s Banana Meter

Season I
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