1013 Reality of Truth

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Over the last 13 weeks Murtz has spent his time surrounded by reality stars. Are these stars playing characters or are the genuinely themselves? Murtz is on a quest to get to the bottom of some of the burning questions he’s had for a few reality stars. Did you hear the sounds of a polygraph sketching? Starring: Yau-Man (Survivor Fiji, Micronesia), Audrey Evans (Apprentice), Kristen Kirchner (Apprentice), Jerri Manthy (Survivor Australia), Anthony Robison (Survivor Fiji), Peih-Gee Law (Survivor China).

Season III

Season II

Season I
M-1001 The Chemistry Test
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M-1003 Backstage Pass
M-1004 Ultimate Casting Tape
M-1005 The 16th Minute
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M-1007 Union Murtz
M-1008 The Drama of it All!
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M-1013 Reality of Truth
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