1008 The Drama of it All!

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We all love the drama, but does it naturally unfold in our favorite reality shows in front of “innocent” cameras? Do participants need a little prodding from production? Murtz creates homage to shows like ”The Real World” and “Big Brother” to see if 26 hours with housemates creates the drama we so crave. Does Murtz need to stir the pot a bit to get at the real juicy stuff? Starring: Trisha Cummings (RW-Sidney), Jen Johnson (BB8), Johnny Bananas (RW-Key West), Kenny Santucci (RW & Gauntlet).

Season III

Season II

Season I
M-1001 The Chemistry Test
M-1002 Casting The Z-List
M-1003 Backstage Pass
M-1004 Ultimate Casting Tape
M-1005 The 16th Minute
M-1006 A Date With My Dream Girl
M-1007 Union Murtz
M-1008 The Drama of it All!
M-1009 Murtz Discovers His Inner Dancer!
M-1010 Reality of Love
M-1011 Reality Changed My Life
M-1012 The Reality All-Star Game
M-1013 Reality of Truth
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