1004 Ultimate Casting Tape

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Some people will do just about anything to get themselves on tv, even if that means making a complete fool of themselves. Murtz enlists his reality TV heroes to help him produce a fail-proof audition. What lengths will Murtz go to get his 15 minutes of fame? Is it all worth it in the end? Starring: Johnny Fairplay (Survivor), Tom Sullivan, Michelle Yi (Survivor), Bob Dawg (Survivor), Tian Kitchen (AR), Erican Landin (BB).

Season III

Season II

Season I
M-1001 The Chemistry Test
M-1002 Casting The Z-List
M-1003 Backstage Pass
M-1004 Ultimate Casting Tape
M-1005 The 16th Minute
M-1006 A Date With My Dream Girl
M-1007 Union Murtz
M-1008 The Drama of it All!
M-1009 Murtz Discovers His Inner Dancer!
M-1010 Reality of Love
M-1011 Reality Changed My Life
M-1012 The Reality All-Star Game
M-1013 Reality of Truth
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