1002 Casting The Z-List

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Murtz explores the reality show casting process to see what it really takes to be cast as the next big reality star. With the help of his Reality friends, the biggest reality fan (Murtz) goes on a mission to find the next beauty and the geek. How much does it take? Can anyone be the next reality star? Be presently surprised when no talent is required on this episode of reality obsessed. Starring: Dave Olsen (BATG), Nadia Underwood (BATG), Matt Antrim (CD), Zena (CD).

Season III

Season II

Season I
M-1001 The Chemistry Test
M-1002 Casting The Z-List
M-1003 Backstage Pass
M-1004 Ultimate Casting Tape
M-1005 The 16th Minute
M-1006 A Date With My Dream Girl
M-1007 Union Murtz
M-1008 The Drama of it All!
M-1009 Murtz Discovers His Inner Dancer!
M-1010 Reality of Love
M-1011 Reality Changed My Life
M-1012 The Reality All-Star Game
M-1013 Reality of Truth
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