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In the summer of 2000, the Survivor series rocked the television industry to its core. Some thought reality was just going to be a passing fad…but love it or hate it, the genre became a mainstay. Reality Obsessed is your portal into this hot genre, and one very obsessed fan is your guide –Murtz Jaffer!

Since his awkward teenage years, Murtz has been wheeling and dealing to get interviews, autographs, and photos taken with his favourite reality celebs for his reality website. Today at age 27, Murtz’s reality obsession has only grown stronger –he boasts about his rolodex of celeb friends and photos including hated Survivor star Johnny Fairplay, the beloved Rob and Amber, and heavy hitters like Donald Trump and ex-con Martha Stewart. His reality-reporting website has grown from obscurity to some 1 million unique visitors per month.

Each episode of Reality Obsessed has Murtz on the hunt for answers to a particular ‘big picture’ question in the realm of reality television. He’ll explore how reality cameras affect the outcome of a complete geek hooking up with a hot babe; how casting directors find the perfect mix of angels and monsters for the next big hit, or what happens after contestants’ 15 minutes of fame are up? It’s a full blown celebration of everything reality!

Our cameras follow Murtz as he is fully immersed in the adventure. To get his story, Murtz tracks down and interviews anyone and everyone from producers, reality celebs’, agents, studio executives, limo drivers, and hotel security staff to his fellow obsessed fans and more to get his story. Murtz also draws from his encyclopaedia-like-knowledge of reality TV to navigate his course. He’s the reality geek in all of us, going to any length to explore its most delicious details –and we, the viewer get to ride co-pilot.

Season III
M-3027 Paranor-Murtz
M-3028 Rehab my Reality
M-3029 Quiz-Murtz
M-3030 Bonded by Reality
M-3031 Can I have this Dance?
M-3032 In-Style
M-3033 Wedded to Reality
M-3034 The Good Side of Bad
M-3035 All Stars 3
M-3036 Date a Masterdater
M-3037 Murtz's got Talent
M-3038 In Harm's Way
M-3039 Murtz'd!

Season II

Season I


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